A lack of self and black love to blame for poor service delivery in townships, says Malema

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema has said that a lack of self and black love is to blame for the poor service delivery in black residential areas.

Malema was on Saturday leading the EFF’s charm offensive at the Ramotshere Moilwa Municipality in the North West to garner support for his Red Berets ahead of the local government elections on 1 November.

The EFF Commander-in-Chief (CiC) said the current black government administration promises black communities that potholes on roads will be fixed when white suburbs get quality service delivery and their roads, which are older, are still “intact”.

Malema added that this is an indication that the current government administration does not love black people because they, the government, do not love themselves.

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“We are still to see a better life,” Malema said in reference to the governing African National Congress’ (ANC’s) election campaign promise.

Malema said white people are happy with ANC and state president Cyril Ramaphosa because he works for them.

While unemployment is rife among black people, the current leadership is still reserving jobs for relatives or demanding sex from women for jobs, Malema charged.

“They want you to sleep with them to get a job, their policy is dunusa [expose your buttocks] to get a job,” Malema said, with loud approval coming from the residents of Ward 13 of the North West municipality.

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The appointment of personnel to fill vacancies within the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) along political affiliations, mainly, appointing people affiliated to the ANC, is wrong, Malema criticized, adding that the distribution of food parcels, in particular, during hard Covid-19 lockdowns, following a similar pattern was equally unacceptable.

The EFF CiC is of the view that the electorate should matter “throughout” and not only towards the elections.

The R350 Covid-19 social relief of distress grant is too meagre and should be doubled, Malema suggested.

The EFF leader encouraged young people to take education seriously because it significantly increases the chances of securing employment.

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The EFF government will ensure that all people are employed, including those without a matric certificate who would be taken under the EPWP so that they can enrol in long distance learning to improve themselves, Malema promised.

“You must never write a human being off,” Malema said.

What is critical for the Red Berets is spreading a message of black love because if black people love each other then poor service delivery will be a thing of the past, Malema said.

“We need the unity of black people, once we are unified, no mine will undermine us,” Malema said, pointing out that the mining sector is big in the North West.

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Malema also promised that the EFF government would increase the money pensioners receive and ensure that they do not pay for water and electricity, adding that the recipients of other grants would also be exempt from paying for these services.

“Those are the people who look after us, why aren’t we looking after them?” Malema said about pensioners.

Councillors were not meant to be treated like VIPs because their role is not about suits and ties but about being in overalls, hands on and always first to be of service to the community, Malema said.

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