ActionSA disappointed by Electoral Court’s judgement, IEC maintains it did not exclude the party from the ballot

Herman Mashaba’s ActionSA has expressed its disappointment at the Electoral Court’s judgment against its application.

The former city of Johannesburg mayor’s party had approached the court to challenge the Electoral Commission of South Africa, also known as the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), on its decision not to include ActionSA’s name on the ballot paper of the upcoming local government elections on 1 November 2021.

The IEC said on Friday that it welcomes the court’s decision as “it paves the way for the orderly conduct of elections in the affected wards”.

The IEC reiterated “that it did not exclude” Mashaba’s party from the ward ballots but rather that the party had not registered its abbreviated name.

“Abbreviated names or acronyms are used instead of full names because the ward candidate full names are used,” the IEC said.

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ActionSA said while the court outcome was a disappointment it will remain “dedicated to the rule of law” and respects the judgement “and the experience of the jurists who presided over our matter”.

“While our focus has been unfalteringly on the campaign, our attention now turns to the extraordinary measures we will implement to ensure that voters are able to locate ActionSA on the ballot papers.

“We express our deepest appreciation to the countless number of South Africans who have rallied behind us in this battle with the IEC and for their support of our efforts to present the alterative needed in South Africa.

“ActionSA will remain on the ballot papers, but will only be identifiable by our logo and ward candidate name on the ward ballot papers,” the party said.

The court is expected to provide reasons for its judgement at a later date.

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