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ANC staffers to go on strike on Thursday over unpaid salaries

Staffers on the governing African National Congress (ANC) are expected to go on strike on Thursday over unpaid salaries, among other issues.

A letter written by the party’s general manager, Febe Potgieter, addressed to staffers, informing them that the ANC is “not yet in a position to pay outstanding salaries for July, surfaced on Wednesday.

The letter further informs ANC staffers that August salaries due on the 25th will “unfortunately” be delayed.

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“I do regret the hardship and the uncertainty that this causes staff and their families, and this is deeply regrettable,” the letter reads.

According to the letter, in the past 14 months the ANC has managed to pay full salaries to staffers, “albeit late”, with the last three months of delayed payment of salaries being a first.

“We appreciate the commitment and dedication of ANC staff, who despite these difficulties, diligently serve their organisation,” the letter reads.

The governing party said in a statement late on Wednesday that it has received notice from its staffers that they will go on strike on Thursday “in support of grievances submitted on 15 June 2021”, which include the late payment of salaries.

The party said due to the planned strike, its offices across the country will be closed on Thursday.

“The ANC management will continue to engage with staff representatives on thief grievances, with a view to find a solution, so that we can resume normal operations,” the party said.

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