EFF says Ramaphosa’s easing of lockdown regulations to level-1 is ‘petty electioneering’

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have said President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement on Thursday night that the country will be on adjusted level-1 lockdown regulations as from 1 October is “nothing but petty electioneering” to allow him to “campaign without breaking the laws he had set for the rest of society”.

In a statement on Friday, the EFF said the decision to place the country on level-1 lockdown confirms that the government “has long abandoned science in their response to the pandemic”.

The EFF said during his campaign trail, Ramaphosa has contravened lockdown regulations, in particular, the regulation on the number of people permitted to gather at specific venues.

The EFF further said that though the president has contravened the regulations, it was expected “to obey his nonsensical regulations and run a campaign that would undermine our electoral prospects”.

“It is of no significance whether Ramaphosa decides to place the country on any level of the lockdown because we will no longer abide by his attempts to use a pandemic to entrench dictatorship, while deliberately subjecting the country to dependency on the vaccines of their imperial masters,” the EFF said.

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The party added that the slow pace of the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines can be blamed on the country’s “over-reliance on two vaccines, and intentionally refusing to approve the use of Sputnik-V and order the Sinovac vaccine”.

The EFF said the incompetence of the country’s leadership is also to blame for the slow rollout of the vaccination programme.

“Ramaphosa’s leadership style is characterized by a fear of his people and dictatorship hence instead of engaging in a meaningful campaign to encourage vaccinations, he has resorted to introducing vaccine certificates, which will be the basis of accessing various sectors in society and travel,” the party said.

The EFF said schools, housing complexes “and all entities where people have the constitutional right to be, without being subjected to medical coercion” that deny people access or services on the basis If not having vaccine certificates will be challenged by it.

“The EFF will never allow a regime of a vaccine dompass to prevail over the lives of our people in a democracy that so many fought and died for!”

Read the full statement below:

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