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Healthcare worker arrested for allegedly selling fake Covid-19 test certificates for R500

A 28-year-old City of Johannesburg (CoJ) healthcare worker has been arrested for alleged fraud after he was bust allegedly selling fake Covid-19 test certificates for R500.

In a statement issued by the CoJ, it is alleged that the healthcare worker was selling the fraudulent certificates to travellers.

The 28-year-old is expected to appear in the Booysens Magistrates’ Court on Monday on a charge of fraud.

The CoJ said after a week of closely monitoring the healthcare worker, a sting operation led by Johannesburg Mayor Jolidee Matongo working with the city’s Group Forensic and Investigation Services (GFIS) department and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) was set up to nab the suspect.

“It is alleged that the suspect sells the fake Covid-19 test certificates to people wishing to travel to other countries without conducting the actual test and taking blood samples.

“All you need to do is send him your identity number, after a day or two you will receive a message from the laboratory indicating that you tested negative for Covid-19.

“He will then give you the certificate which he charges R500,” the CoJ said.

The CoJ further said according to preliminary investigations, the 28-year-old healthcare worker was not working alone and that while investigations continue, more arrests are expected.

Matongo said it was unfortunate that such an individual was at the employ of the CoJ and he encouraged staff to desist from engaging in corrupt activities.

“Imagine someone who has contracted Covid-19 and they are given a certificate which says they are negative. That person will infect many people and some my succumb to the virus,” Matongo said.

The Johannesburg mayor added that he hopes that an example is made by ensuring that the suspect spends “a long time” behind bars.

“If the laws of this country have to be changed to deal with such, let us do that,” Matongo said.

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