Ideas are indeed meaningless – unless executed

I am pretty sure every human being on this planet has thoughts. Whether we define those thoughts as either good or bad thoughts, they are thoughts. And ideas come from thoughts. Meaning that for one to have an idea is really not special, everyone has ideas; obviously others are innovative and progressive, others are not. So, essentially, ideas are just thoughts.

So many people ‘get’ ideas and spend their time and energy on those ideas, especially business or new venture creation kind of ideas, to such a point where they become emotionally attached to them only to find out later that their idea actually doesn’t or will not work. They become so attached to their idea, trying to plan it all out to be this perfect thing, when in fact that idea was just a thought like many others; it is an idea that doesn’t or cannot work.

Imagine being romantically & emotionally involved with an idea for like three years, only to find out that your idea cannot work. That is exactly like being in a relationship with a partner that wasted three years of your life when you could’ve found someone better in those three years.

Ideas are just meaningless unless acted upon. What differentiates winners from losers are their abilities to execute on the ideas they have, it doesn’t really matter if you have many ‘brilliant’ ideas, they are meaningless if you never act on any of them. You merely just have thoughts; ideas are to be executed.

Many people spend a lot of time thinking about their ideas instead of executing or even attempt to execute. There are, of course, challenges that may hinder one from executing their idea, but it is important to test whether your idea is viable or not. Even on a smaller scale, because it surely cannot be a great feeling to realise that your idea doesn’t work, after years and years of thinking about it.

Moreover, with us having ideas, we have to cultivate an ability to see whether an idea can work or not earlier on. Having that ability is of critical importance as it will make one realise when an idea is worth pursuing or not. Thus saving you valuable time and energy if it’s an impractical idea then…. on to the next one.

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