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Introduction of service delivery initiatives is not political campaigning

The community of KwaMshaya (ward 14) under the Inkosi Mtubatuba Municipality in the uMkhanyakude District, KwaZulu-Natal, was told on Thursday that the introduction of service delivery initiatives by the municipality’s officials and  political leadership should not be misconstrued as a way of campaigning ahead of the local government elections.

Led by mayor Verus Ncamphalala, Inkosi Mtubatuba Municipality officials and leaders held a community meeting at KwaMshaya where 79 emergency housing units were handed over.

The mayor said the hand over of the housing units is meant to “address a serious housing backlog and bring emergency relief to those in need”, adding that “proper housing projects are in the pipeline but taking too long”.

Municipal officials and council leaders were recently, 31 August 2021, at Mchakwini (ward 11) to officially introduce the electrification project in the area, while last week the mayor handed over a community hall at oGengele, to list a few service delivery projects recently announced to communities under the municipality’s jurisdiction.

Speaking at kwaMshaya on Thursday, Mtubatuba council Speaker, Ms Ntuli said the local leadership intends to visit all the wards under the municipality’s jurisdiction to address service delivery concerns.

Ntuli said the leadership is aware of water shortage issues that plague many communities across Mtubatuba and about concerns regarding poorly maintained roads.

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The council Speaker added that though the delivery of water falls under the mandate of the district municipality and that some roads are the responsibility of the provincial government, the local municipality still provides assistance where it can in terms of providing water, and that it tables community concerns on roads to the relevant stakeholders.

Ntuli said the municipality’s recent concerted efforts to deal with service delivery was not in any way political campaigning but rather a carrying out of official duties by doing what the government is meant to do.

Ntuli said Thursday’s meeting was, in part, in response to complaints by the community that have come to the attention of the leadership that community meetings in the area are not convened.

Mtubatuba Municipal Manager, Dr Ntuli reiterated the Speaker’s words that the introduction and hand over of service delivery projects should not be misconstrued as campaigning ahead of the local government elections.

“That is our job, that is the job of a person occupying an office,” Ntuli said about service delivery.

The municipality also handed over food parcels to the kwaMshaya community.

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