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The weekend was made for fresh threads

Mondays to Fridays were for receiving facts courtesy of our questionable education system, we were introduced to Jan Van Riebeck, Vasco Da Gama and their discoveries.

In 1497, Da Gama passed through our coast, named it Natal (land of one’s birth), voyaging through on the 25th of December naming the province Terra do Natal, the land of the birth of Christ.

I am sorry to burst your bubble but Bethlehem is a blasphemous fallacy, Mary’s son is a thoroughbred Durbanite. Facts only, I could have picked these up on the streets but they remain unquestionable facts. Having spent some time eMgungundlovu, I would say the water to wine saga happened there, Scottsville probably.

These facts are a dent to theology as we know it, probably the reason no one has tampered with the written but we are African and oral history is our thing, no doubt. Terra do Natal.

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Overwhelmed by our weekly dosage of facts and training, the weekends belonged to us. Saturdays were made to look fresh. We lived for the weekend.

Minibus taxi drivers let us know what was what, European brands were not only worn by these swanky chaps but their Toyatos too.

The back windows would have the huge cursive Etienne Aigner or the Paris native Lanvin logo while some opted for the British Viyella.

Many other foreign brands were a staple across our South African townships. No other shoe like the Converse All Star has been given tags like the way we give people we love endearing names. The All Star was/is a shoe we loved. Drie-vyf, 3-5, manqanqa and ma-olla everyone had their names for the shoe.

The white t-shirt, blue Levi’s 501 and Sebago docksides ensemble. Stefan corduroy pants, striped mercerised cotton t-shirt and handstitched Ferradini shoes.

The Indian outfitter stores were and remain synonymous to township fashion, monuments like the 90 year old Jeppe based City Outfitters.

Continuity presenters also had a huge impact in introducing us to brands, Dicksy Ngqula dressed by Roccobarocco, Tshepo Mabona dressed by Energie, and the list goes on.

Then we started pioneering our own industry. Nkhensani Nkosi gave us Stoned Cherrie, Didier de Villiers gave us Magents, Wandi no Sechaba put us on Loxion Kulcha, Craig Native gave us Native and so many other revolutionary brands have come out of Mzansi.


I specifically remember YMag for this, a solid plug to the latest local brands.

It should not be hard to continue our weekend tradition of looking fresh, meeting friends and strangers with brands like Thesis, Floyd Avenue, Tshepo, Urban Zulu, Sir Anthony, Rural Love; our weekends stay 100.

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