The bus crash at the Eastern Cape which claimed the lives of 30 people.

UPDATE: Eastern Cape department of transport apologizes for error that the toddler from the bus crash had died

The Eastern Cape Department of Transport has issued an apology for stating earlier on Wednesday that a toddler had succumbed to her injuries which meant the death toll from Monday’s bus crash had gone up to 31.

A representative of the forensic centre in the province which provided the department with the information of the passing of the toddler provided clarity on the matter.

The representative, a Mr Maharaj, also expressed his “sincere apologies for the misunderstanding”, explaining that it occurred after the centre received a call from the hospital to come and collect the body of a child who died in an accident.

“It was only when we went to the hospital to fetch the infant when then it was established that it was an infant that was from a totally different incident altogether,” Maharaj said.

Maharaj added that he went to the intensive care unit (ICU) to confirm that the toddler who was involved in the bus accident is still admitted at there.

“We have spoken to the doctors and they are still treating the infant but I must apologize once again for the misunderstanding,” Maharaj said.

Meanwhile, out of the 30 people that died as a result of the bus accident, 27 have been identified, Maharaj said, adding that the centre hopes that the remaining three will be identified as soon as possible.

The department of health is assisting the families that have identified their relatives who died from the bus crash with transporting their bodies to the nearest government facilities in their respective areas, Maharaj said.

“We have already transported bodies to Mthatha as well as to Butterworth. We are also transporting bodies to Engcobo as well. So, most of the deceased come from the Eastern Cape,” Maharaj said.

The death toll from the bus crash remains at 30.

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